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The Weston Steamboat Inn, a Federalist style home was built by riverboat Captain R.N. Traver in 1845, only eight years after the founding of Weston. Captain Traver was known as a master navigator of the "Mighty Mo" and docked many a steamboat at the Port of Weston, a prominent riverport docking over 265 steamboats a year. He had two daughters, one of whom was very artistic and spent most of her days in a wheelchair creating charcoal and oil paintings on the wall of her bedroom. The only one remaining can be seen on the fireplace hearth of the Sitting Room depicting boats sailing on the waters. 
After the steamboat era ended in the late 1800's, the home was owned by Mr. Julius Rumple, a prominent Weston business man, and later the Bless family who owned and operated Weston's only newspaper, "Weston Chronicle."  During the past 50 years the home fell into great disrepair and this home was begging for some love.  From 2014 to the present, the home was rebuilt to it's former glory.  While maintaining the original brick structure and much of the woodwork, the antebellum home now boasts the charm of the pre-civil war era with all the modern conveniences of today.  Come experience the history and charm of Weston Steamboat Inn.
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Rob and Glenna Nance, recently retired from their professions, bring with them a history of premier hospitality experience.  They had previously managed a local bed and breakfast and fell in love with Weston's charm and the art of innkeeping.  They especially enjoyed connecting with guests and sharing Weston's rich history while providing a delicious breakfast and other tasty treats.  
Glenna has twenty plus years' teaching high school culinary and hospitality and Rob recently retired from thirty plus years as an anesthetist.  The Nance's look forward to making your stay in Weston and the Weston Steamboat Inn a delight to remember.  We look forward to you "Being Our Guest, it doesn't matter if you come to visit, or come to rest.  When you enter our home may you always be BLESSED."